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Silly Clown can’t find anything to do?

Matty McFun the Clown plays around thinking of something to do Matty McFun, the clown loves making funny videos. That is, if he can think of what to do. Can he? Plus, some really funny dad jokes by Mr. Fizzy the puppet bird and ventriloquist the Matty Hatter. A funny clown show and kids show[…]

Funny Clown Dallas

Funny Clown Show: WRONG Button!

Matty McFun the Clown looks funny. Someone pushed the wrong button. Matty McFun, the silly clown, has is ready to make another funny video, but Stheven the funny puppet pushed the wrong button. Can they fix it or will it get worse? Plus, some really funny dad jokes. Puppet fun, ventriloquist the Matty Hatter and[…]

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Fun Party Clown in Dallas

Fun Clown entertainment in Dallas, Tx. Magical Matty McFun the Clown So, you want the BEST clown Dallas has to offer? You got it! Magical Matty McFun is an award winning entertainer who guarantees smiles at your event. He has won the “Best All Around Clown” Award for the Texas Clown Association (TCA); And for[…]