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Vote for Matty McFun

Matty McFun is Running for Office The magical Matty McFun is running for office and wants you to vote for him. He’s created a handy-dandy postcard mailer that people can read to learn more about him. But something is a little off. I wonder if you can guess what it is? Hire Magical Matty McFun[…]

Matty McFun the Silly clown Bought Some Guys Pillow

Matty McFun bought some guys pillow That silly clown, Matty McFun, saw a guy selling his pillow on TV and tried to help him out. But he thinks he got swindled. He’s sure that guy has more than one pillow for sale. Hire Magical Matty McFun for your party or event Matty McFun is also[…]

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How to get Matty McFun’s New Phone #

Matty McFun got a NEW Phone & Number The Magical Matty McFun lets you know he just got a new phone and phone number. His old number has been disconnected. Don’t worry, Matty tells you how you can get his NEW number. Hire Matty McFun for your party or event Matty McFun is also available[…]

Silly Clown magic

Silly clown Matty McFun shows you how magic works

Matty McFun the silly clown show you how magic works Silly clown! Watch and learn how magic really works as Matty McFun, the clown, shows you an example. But everything doesn’t work according to plan. Hire Matty McFun for your party or event Matty McFun is also available for birthday parties and events. You can[…]

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Thumb Tip & Silk Magic Trick

 Use a Thumb Tip to make a Silk Disappear and Reappear Trick Magical Matty performs and shows you step-by-step how to use a Thumb Tip to make a small Silk disappear and reappear. It’s an easy trick anyone can do. Have fun, enjoy and remember, “Always use your magic to bring smiles to others![…]