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My Services Provided:


Party Arts: Fun for All

Let me know your expected guest count when you contact me. I can then tell you how long it will take me to fulfill a specific “Party Art” service for that many guests. Some services listed below can NOT be performed with other services.

kids magic shows party arts rockwall dallas  Comedy Magic Show

My comedy magic shows are 30-50 minutes long and can be combined with Balloon Animals or Face Painting. Don’t forget, Soda-Pop McBop the Clown, or other characters, can perform comedy magic shows as well.

Face painting party arts Dallas Rockwall  Face Painting

I can face paint up to 18 faces in 1 hour.

Balloon Animals party arts Dallas Rockwall  Balloon Animals

I can twist basic balloon animals and shapes for about 25 guests in 1 hour.

Temporary tattoos party arts Dallas Rockwall  Temporary Tattoos

I can apply about 18 glitters in 1 hour.


Soda-Pop McBop: Clown & Dress Up Friends

Nothing is more fun than a Clown. Add some real excitement and make your event the best it can be. Smiles are sure to be had when Soda-Pop McBop or one of his Costume Friends is around!

kids birthday party arts clown dallas rockwall  Soda-Pop McBop

Soda-Pop McBop can entertain with ALL the “Party Arts” above (except caricatures). And remember, your can mix and match up to 3 of my “Party Art” entertainment services to create your PERFECT event!

Elf Rockwall  Costume Characters

Characters include: Christmas Elf, Pirate, Jedi Knight, Cowboy, Mime & the Mad Hatter. Many of these characters can perform shows and “Party Art” services from above.


Fun Entertainment For The Older Crowds

Looking for some super fun entertainment for all ages? Especially older kids and adults? Consider Live Caricatures. They are for sure to bring smiles to your guests faces. Everyone loves watching me draw their friends and family members. Plus, they get to keep them and take them home.

caricatures party arts rockwall dallas  Live Caricatures

Caricatures do NOT mix well with other “Party Arts” and need to be hired as their own entertainment! I can draw about 12 faces per hour.