Pirate Plano Tx

The Best Pirate Plano Texas Has To Offer

Are you planning a Pirate, Fairy or Mermaid party?

Lots of Fun for Parties & Events

First Mate Matty is the funnest Pirate Plano has to offer. He’s ready to come to your special event and perform all kinds of fun activities. Including:  Comedy Magic Show, Balloon Animals, Glitter Tattoos or even Face Painting. Maybe even a game or two just laughs.

So, if you’re looking for a Super Fun Pirate to entertain at your event, Give me a call Today! Or go to my Contact Page and drop me a line. It’s super easy.

Pirate Party, dallas, rockwall, tx

Comedy Magic Show:
My fun pirate show can last between 30 – 50 minutes. Depending on if you want to combine it with other services (which you certainly can do). The show is very audience participation friendly and everyone gets to help. There is a special section in the show just for the Birthday Star who is our Official Captain.

Balloon Twisting: Everyone loves balloons and First Mate Matty the Pirate is no exception. He can Twist Balloon Animals of all kinds and shapes.

Face Painting: Of course he paint faces too. Turn your little darling into a precious princess, or a roaring tiger with only a few strokes of the brush. Sparkling glitter is always popular as well. Don’t be shy on the “Fairy Dust” or “Unicorn Poop” (yes, that’s a real thing)

Glitter Tattoos: They are waterproof and perfect for a summer Pirate, Mermaid party. They go on fast and last and last (up to week).

Treasure Hunts: What Pirate event wouldn’t be complete without a treasure hunt. Everyone loves following First Mate Matty around looking for the “hidden treasure”.

Fun & Games: Fun games are also available if you like? All ages and abilities are able to play.

The BEST Pirate Plano has to offer! Call him now!