Fun Pirate

First Mate Matty the Pirate!

Argh! He does it all! And with a smile too!

  • Comedy Magic Show
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Face Painting
  • Pirate Treasure Hunts
  • & more…

Be bringin” your fun pirate theme party to LIFE, with First Mate Matty the Pirate. He does it all… Kids will love his balloon twisting, everyone will laugh during his magic show and even adults love his face painting.

He be a mighty balloon twister too! Argh!


No matter what type of fun balloon ye be wantin, First Mate Matty the Pirate can be a twistin’ it to your likin! Whether it be a wee little doggy, kitty cat or ferocious dinosaur, he can be creatin’ it for ya! And in your very own favorite color too. Argh, but he really be a lovin’ it when he makes the dreaded Pirate Sword for all the little, rascally, swashbucklers and deck hands! Those little matey’s be going crazy with fun when they put their wee little hands on one! Watch out! I had a fellow Pirate lose an eye that way!

Pirate Treasure Hunts

What Pirate party would be complete without a fun treasure hunt? I can be leadin’ all the little pirate rascals around the house, backyard or park while we be countin’ the paces, and lookin’ for the landmarks, that be leading us to that secret, hidden treasure!

If you would like to have some presents or special treats hidden for a fun Pirate Treasure just let First Mate Matty the Pirate know prior to your event and we can plan that into the fun!

Daycare Magic Shows

Pirate magic Show Daycare

My Pirate Captain Exam comedy magic show lasts 30 – 40 minutes and is perfect for daycares and parties of all kinds.

I can even perform 2 shows: 1 for the older kids, and 1 for the younger kids.

NOTICE: I do NOT perform “Trade-Marked” characters!

– Post your Party Art Pics and see more samples of my smiling customers