Doorbell Ditch for Dallas Clown

Someone is pulling a prank on Matty McFun the Dallas Clown

Funny Clown Matty McFun is trying to make a funny clown video, but someone keeps ringing the door bell and running away. Who could it be? Plus, some really funny dad jokes by Mr. Fizzy the puppet bird and ventriloquist the Matty Hatter. A funny clown show and kids show for all ages.

A silly party clown for all events in the Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas area

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This Clown Loves Magic

Matty is available for all kinds of clown shows in the Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas area.
You can bet he loves:

  • Silly Clown Magic Shows
  • Balloon Animals
  • Face Painting
  • or just walking around meeting everyone to make the smile
Hire Magical Matty