Costume Character

Bring your event to life with a Costume Character!

Pirate Rockwall costume character #watchthemsmile #FirstMateMatty

Best Party Ever

Regardless of the type of event or party you are planning, a fun, fantasy costume character will make it the best event it can be. Bring your guests into the action, and your theme party to LIFE, by hiring a fun,
professional, fantasy costume character. 

What’s Your Theme?

Cowboy Sheriff Balloon Twister costume character #watchthemsmile #SheriffMatty

No matter what your theme, I have you covered, Whether it’s a Star Wars, Pirate, Wild West or a seasonal Christmas party theme your event is bound to be a success when you have a fun costume character performing at it. Therefore, make your event one to be remembered for a long, long time. Hire me as your fun, fantasy costume character.

christmas elf balloon twiting costume character #watchthemsmileImagination Come To Life

It is so easy to do. Just imagine a super fun Pirate performing an incredible Magic Show and Treasure Hunt, a French Artiste drawing live caricatures of your guests, or a Jedi Master wowing the kids with his “Mind Tricks”.

They Can’t Do Everything

Although all my characters can, and do perform spectacular, fun comedy magic shows created just for their character, not all them will perform every “Party Art” I offer. ONLY the French Artiste will draw caricatures.

Dallas Mime, Rockwall, mime, allen, plano, garland, mckinney,mesquite

Pick From This Fun List of Characters

Yes, any of these characters will make your event an absolute hit:

  • Pirate: First Mate Matty (he has a treasure box full of magic)
  • Cowboy: Sheriff Matty (cattle rustlers beware)
  • Christmas Elf: Peppermint Matty (this guy loves to twist balloons)
  • French Artist (fun, live caricature drawings)
  • Mime (No words needed)
  • NOTICE: I do NOT perform “Trade-Marked” characters!

#WatchThemSmile – Post your Party Art Pics and see more samples of my smiling Party Art customers