The Funniest Clown in Frisco

Fun Clown entertainment in Frisco, Tx.

Magical Matty McFun the Clown

Funny Clown Frisco Tx

So, you want the BEST clown Frisco has to offer? You got it! Magical Matty McFun is an award winning entertainer who guarantees smiles at your event.

He has won the “Best All Around Clown” Award for the Texas Clown Association’s (TCA); And for Clown’s of America International’s (COAI)! Plus, he has won multiple awards for face painting, balloon twisting, and for performing various skits and parade bits. He takes entertaining others seriously. And it shows.

This friendly Frisco Clown loves magic!

super fun clown show frisco tx

Magical Matty McFun  the clown loves to perform comedy magic shows as well. He uses your guests to help him with his tricks during the hilarious show. He even has a special section in his comedy magic show just for the “Birthday Star”. Your kids will be laughing before the show even starts, and they will stay focused on the fun the entire time. Plus, Matty’s best friend, “Fizzy the Bird” loves to help out and make each show even more hilarious and silly.

“WOW, Matty offers Comedy Magic Shows, Face Painting, Balloon Animals, Walk Around Entertainment, Puppet interactions & More…”

Different Clown look, same fun Clown!

Matty does change clothes from time to time, so you might see him wearing different outfits. But his fun make-up stays the same and so does his whimsical loving character.

Fun for Everyone!

You will also find Magical Matty McFun the clown volunteering his time for charities and events in the Frisco area. He loves twisting balloon animals at the Children’s Cancer Fund Gala each year, and has been seen in several news articles, posts and videos. He even knows some sign language and loves interacting with the deaf community.

Yes, fun is for everyone. If you have a charity or event, and would like Magical Matty McFun to come out, give me a call today and ask for details.

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Magical Matty McFun the Clown can’t wait to see you at your birthday celebration in your home in Frisco. Call him now!

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